Amputee footballer thought he'd 'never kick a ball again

Arm and leg amputees are still able to play the sport they love, thanks to West Bromwich Albion Amputees.

The team enables people with an amputation to play football in a social and friendly environment, catering for players of all abilities.

The sport is also for those who may not have even played football prior to their amputation, which is the case for player, Richie Wintle.

“I’d never played football before, but I saw a flyer for it and thought it was something to do,” said Richie.

“It’s like a second family, everyone is like-minded and in the same situation, you rely on each other and it’s somebody to talk to that’s been through the same experiences as yourself,” he said.

For Lewis Aldersley, the team has allowed him to continue playing football and stay in touch with his lifelong love of the sport.

“The one thing I will never forget is I woke up and said to my mum: ‘I’ll never be able to kick a ball again,’” said Lewis.

“I was diagnosed with bone cancer when I was 14 and had to have my leg amputated, now I’m here and playing amputee football for West Bromwich Albion.

“Never think negative, always think positive because you can overcome anything with a positive attitude.

“I would honestly tell anyone to come and join and give it a go,” he said.

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