Albion Ambassadors

Primary school children are being empowered through sport with the Albion Ambassadors programme.

The 12-week leadership scheme aims to inspire Key Stage 2 pupils to lead by example to their peers, resulting in the youngsters delivering their own sports sessions to classmates and increasing their confidence and self esteem in the process.

As part of the Foundation's social action projects, over 300 young people have engaged with the programme so far this academic year.

Springfield Primary School pupil, Brooke Bennett-Chamberlain, has excelled through the programme and delivers her own sessions to her classmates. 

"I enjoy the way we come together and communicate with each other," she said.

"I think that's a really important part of sport and I think that's what helps you to win."

Along with communicating more effectively, the children also receive guidance on how to improve their resilience, teamwork and willing to compromise. 

For the Foundation, the programme complements the work they do within the local community.

"We understand the power of sport and we want to affect the children we work with," said Community Coach, Lewis Sandbrook-Hinton.

"Can we improve their leadership skills? Can we improve communication? And can we just make them a better overall person?"

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Thanks to Sports Directory UK for their kind donation of kit in the above video.