Albion providing prisoners with second chance

The Albion Foundation’s pioneering community work is tackling the challenge of helping prison inmates prepare for a new chance in life.

The Foundation is delivering the Premier League Works programme to HMP Brinsford inmates looking to change their lives for the better upon release. 

Writing CV’s, practicing interviews and gaining an Employability Level One qualification are all offered through the course which also provides the offenders with football coaching sessions.

“They don’t have role models on the outside to want them to go and get into jobs,” said Dan Crane, The Albion Foundation Employability Coordinator.

“We hope the staff could come in, give them some positive role models and then give them the skills they need to go and gets jobs upon their release and live non-criminal lives and move forward in a positive way.”

The charity has worked within the prison for a number of years and has a positive impact on the residents.

“Delivering a programme that we’ve been delivering with the Foundation has benefitted the offenders greatly for when they get released,” said HMP Brinsford’s John Blewitt.

“They have good relations with other people, with their families, friends and the information we give them and the Foundation give them especially help them to be a better person.”

The course lasts for six weeks and helps to provide many inmates with options they perhaps hadn’t previously considered upon release.

“When I leave here I’m hoping to find a job, set myself up for life and hopefully get a mortgage in the future,” said one inmate.

“I would’ve never thought a football team would want to work with prison people like us,” he added.

“I’m glad people are doing stuff like this now.”

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