Educating the next generation of coaches

It's not only on the field that Albion are growing their own, with the Foundation looking to develop the next batch of potential coaches as they took their level two certificate in coaching.

A group of 12 students took part in the course to make their first step towards becoming coaches.

Chris Foreman, the Foundation's Coach Development Officer, was hopeful that the course would enthuse the group of 16-18 year-olds to work for the Foundation in the future.

"It shows them the basic principals of coaching and gives them an introduction in to the art of coaching.

"It gives them a solid platform to develop their coaching skills within and it helps progress students on that ladder and start them on their coaching journey.

"Leading the course gives us an opportunity to recognise future volunteers and potentially future employees."

Jack Pinto, one of the youngsters on the course, has enjoyed the sessions.

"I am really excited because I'm at West Brom - the facilities are excellent so it is a really good opportunity.

"I would recommend it to a friend because the coaches always help you out.

"I have learned how to coach an entire group, because before I came here I only knew how to coach my little brother how to play football."

Simon Kirkland, a Verifier for Sports Structures, the accrediting body for the coaching course, was impressed with the Foundation for putting on the course.

"We have targeted a 16-18 year old group and given them an opportunity to learn about coaching and get their first coaching qualification so that they can start to coach in community programmes or leisure centres and they can start to put their sports skills into coaching.

"When I was at school I would have loved to do a coaching qualification.

"It's fantastic to encourage local people in and around the ground and it provides a pathway from school into the community activities.

"It's really good for the Albion because it shows the Club is giving something back to the community."