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Albion appoint Sporting and Technical Director

ALBION today announce the appointment of Luke Dowling as the Club’s new Sporting and Technical Director.

Luke joins us from his role as Sporting Director at Nottingham Forest, a post he had previously occupied for four years with Watford. 

He was instrumental in Watford’s promotion to the Premier League and subsequent success in the English game’s top flight and has set his sights on now helping Albion return to that level.

“If you go back seven or eight years, Albion were looked at by other teams in the Championship and Premier League as the club to be replicated,” he said.

“Albion were ahead of the game. Outside the top four, as it was then, the remit was to work ‘the West Brom way’. That’s a big compliment and we want to try to get back to that as best we can.

“I want to help make it a really good environment for everyone to work - it’s an exciting opportunity and I’m delighted to be here.”

Luke had briefly worked with Head Coach Darren Moore during ex-Albion man Michael Appleton’s managerial reign at Blackburn Rovers and he is relishing the chance to rekindle their partnership.

“Darren is a thinker, he lives and breathes football,” said Luke. “I saw how he worked at Blackburn. He ’s a man players want to play for and staff want to work for.”

Darren is equally enthused at renewing his professional acquaintance with Luke saying: “He’s an energetic, intelligent guy in terms of player recruitment, structure and the day-to-day running of a club. 

“He will be a significant help in giving us direction and he’ll bring bright, fresh new ideas. Luke’s a perfect fit for where we are at this moment and I’m really looking forward to working alongside him again.”

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