Schoolchildren revel in National Poetry Day fun

The Albion Foundation celebrated National Poetry Day by providing an exciting poetry-fuelled day for local schoolchildren, with a visit from Baggie Bird topping off the fun.

The children from Holy Trinity C of E Primary School did a workshop around the Premier League values of being fair, being connected, being inspiring and being ambitious, which was followed with a challenge.

The four classes taking part had to come up with a poem based on one of the values each, with the winners being awarded two tickets to watch West Brom play Reading on the weekend.

Ryan Singh, who is nine years-old was delighted at winning the contest and getting the opportunity to attend his first football game.

"Today I was really happy," he said.

"It was way different from a normal day at school, I haven't written a poem in ages.

"I wrote my poem about football and to always carry on with your dreams and never give up.

"I'm so happy to be going to the West Brom game, I haven't been to a stadium before."

The Deputy Head at the school, Jayne O'Neill, said that the children had a great day.

"They have really enjoyed it and have been talking about it through lunch time.

"The children love anything that is extra-curricular or enrichment for them, so they love to do things like this.

"Because it was Year 5 and 6 they have been able to use skills that they already know and apply that to the poems today."

Holy Trinity C of E School is one of 48 schools that work with Albion's official charity as part of the Premier League Primary Stars programme, and Richard Holmes, the Foundation's Premier League Primary Stars Officer was pleased with how the day went.

"The kids really enjoyed it, they seemed to have a great day," he said.

"It's something different for them to have Baggie Bird in school, but also to focus their attentions on poetry but with the freedom to write it how they like.

"It's great to do this on National Poetry Day as it links the work that we do around sport to support the work we do with regards to reading and writing."

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