Restart a Heart Day

Abbey Junior School pupils received a masterclass in how to perform CPR as part of Restart a Heart Day.

In support of the British Heart Foundation's national campaign to educate 30,000 children in the UK how to complete CPR in one day, the Foundation lead free sessions in the Smethwick school.

Engagement Coordinator Lyndsey Wyse showed the pupils the ropes and explained the importance of teaching the youngsters important skills from a young age.

"It's massively important that we teach children this," said Lyndsey.

"It's a real life skill that they need to have - people need to be aware of how to save a life.

"I think it's vital that we are able to go in to schools and provide these lessons.

"It supports the school system and also upskills the teachers as well, it bridges the community link between schools and the Foundation."

"We're using dummys and some practice defibrillators, we want to stop the children from being afraid of the defibs.

"We're passionate about teaching the children in a fun and practical way.

180 children were upskilled throughout the day, including Year 5 pupil, Kyra McKowen.

"It's been amazing to learn about how to save someone's life," Kyra said.

"If you see somebody then you might be able to help them instead of thinking 'what can I do? I've got no idea what to do'."

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