Charlie's story

Charlie Wilkinson's life has taken a positive turn after discovering The Albion Foundation.

The charity's Engagement department aims to provide free activities in the community for young people to experience better opportunities and brighter futures. One of their most effective ways in doing this is through their project, @Youth Sandwell.

"@Youth Sandwell is almost like a family," smiled Charlie.

"If it wasn't for Dave and the Engagement team I wouldn't have been who I am today."

Following a rocky period at school, Charlie's mother explained the importance of having found the engagament programme.

"There's no words that can describe the way the Foundation has helped Charlie get to the point where he is at today," said Beverley Wilkinson.

"His confidence and his self-esteem has grown beyond what we thought possible really because he was really struggling from being bullied."

Now a volunteer at sessions for @Youth, Charlie isn't the only person to have benefitted from working with the programe.

"Charlie's brilliant. He's happy, bubbly, a big help to the @Youth team. He's been invaluable to us," smiled Dave Jones, Engagement Coordinator for @Youth Sandwell.

To find out more about the Engagement team's work in the community, please email