Plastic awareness

SCHOOLCHILDREN from Tipton Green Junior School have been tackling plastic, with the help of The Albion Foundation.

The charity's Engagement Department taught a batch of Year 5 pupils all about recycling and the harm that plastic pollution inflicts upon our planet.

"It's the childrens' future and it's important for them to preserve it," said Engagement Officer, Dave Jones.

"Something like this is really important to do as it raises awareness to the children about our environment, about pollution, about recycling."

Presenting to their peers about what they learnt from the day and taking part in a litterpick around the school to discover the plastics around them had a meaningful effect on the pupils.

"I could see how much people care about the environment and I felt really embarrassed," said Dylan Bhogal.

"I'm going to ask my mum if we can get another bin so we can start to recycle properly and hopefully it makes a benefit for animals and creatures."

Plans are in place to branch out to other schools with environmental workshops.

For more information regarding the Foundation's Engagement Department, please email