Albion in 100 objects: Episode Seven

Many and varied are the pieces of memorabilia, art and paraphernalia that the football club has gathered about itself over the years. Over the next season or three, we are going to select some of these, in no particular order nor importance, to help tell a tale of Throstles down the years. It’s not a definitive history, might at times be apocryphal and at others completely fabricated, but these odd shafts of light will give you a sense of who we are and where we came from. Confused? You will be…


Once a football season is over, doubtless many of you think longingly of jetting off for sunnier climes, some as far as Aberdovey or Skegness which, technically, you won’t need a jet for. 

What you will need is a label for your luggage and in this, as in so many other things, the Albion were ahead of the curve. 

That doyen of organisers, secretary Alan Everiss, was a positive genius when it came to making things run smoothly, not least Albion tours. 

Got a suitcase? Then affix this handy Albion label to it, sign it, and your luggage will never disappear. 

Unless Astle or Hartford managed to get hold of it without you knowing.