Sam wins PFA Community Champion Award

SAM Field has won Albion’s 2017/18 PFA Community Champion award.

The young Baggies midfielder earned the gong after impressing at appearances throughout the season. And his outstanding contribution at community events has been recognised by official club charity, The Albion Foundation, who work tirelessly in and around West Bromwich every day. 

Baggies boss Darren Moore, who was on hand to present the award, gave Sam a big thumbs up for his efforts at player appearances.

"It's fantastic,” said Mooro. 

“Anything that we can do to inspire the community in terms of the jobs and roles that we play at the football club, I think that is really important.

"As a person, Sam is humble and considers others first before himself, which is a big plus for him all round as a man and a player.

"The mere fact that Sam has won this award shows that for a young aspiring talented individual, what a mature human being he is as well.

"That is nothing but a high accolade from myself to Sam and it is a big massive congratulations."

Field has enjoyed working with the Foundation and is grateful of the recognition for his efforts in the community.

"It helps me smile, so if it can help other people smile then it must be working," said Sam.

"I've seen lots of brilliant work from the Foundation, they do loads of stuff.

"They do basketball, wheelchair football, they work with disabled people and young kids. It's amazing what they do.

"You see a mixture of people when you do this, and they are the unsung heroes of this club and the backbone of it.”

Rob Lake, Director of The Albion Foundation, has also been impressed with Sam's efforts.

"He has done a lot of work with our grassroots kids and has been a fantastic role model for them and that really adds value when they can see someone who has come through a similar route," said Lake.

"Sam is an all round really nice young man who presents himself brilliantly, he comes across very humble, very level-headed and it's great to see him doing so well on the pitch too.

"Because he is one of our own I think it makes it even more special. It is wonderful to have him winning this award on our behalf."

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