Run for Rich and Regis

2018’s instalment of the Blind Dave Colour Run will be held in memory of Cyrille Regis and Richard Eades.

Founded to recognise 'Blind Dave''s outstanding fundraising achievements for The Albion Foundation, the event this year will also carry poignance as we remeber two of Albion's heroes.

Cyrille's widow, Julia Regis, is looking forward to a day of celebrating her husband's life and the Foundation's work within the community.

"We're very excited. It's been a tough year for us as a family, that includes the Albion family as well, so to be able to come together and celebrate the great work that The Albion Foundation does I think will be a good encouragement for us all," said Julia.

"Cyrille was always up for a laugh and supported many of the Foundation events and many of Dave's events as well so I'm sure that if he were here he would have been supporting this event.

"We're pleased to show our love and support and be with the rest of the Albion family."

Michelle Regis believes the carnival of colour will be an apt way to recognise her father's life.

"Dad always celebrated his life, he's had a great life – he's always said that to us, he's always been happy.

"This run just represents Dad to the core, because that's his personality – colourful and celebrating.

"You couldn't get two better elements of Dad than that."

Richard's partner, Carly Evans, has also shown support for Eadesy's name to be associated with the event.

"Albion have supported us in the last few months, it's been a tough few months, so it's nice to be able to support the Colour Run as well with Blind Dave and the Regis family. I think it will be a really nice day," said Carly.

"Last year Rich did the 10k dressed as Baggie Bird so I'm sure that he would probably have done it as Baggie Bird."

"You should definitely do it, it's all for a good cause so get along and support everybody down there."

Dave is looking forward to both the Regis and Eades families being a part of the special occasion.

"It's wonderful to have their names associated with the event," said Dave.

"They're two fantastic characters, so to have them and their families associated with the name of Blind Dave is incredible and I feel privileged and very honoured that this event can honour them.

"It would be nice to wake up and for it all to have been a nightmare about Cyrille and Richard and for them to still be with us."

With spaces still available to take part in the run, Dave has this message for those wanting to get involved...

"Come and join us, throw a little bit of paint in honour of both Cyrille and Richard and if you can catch me, you can throw a bit of blue and white on me!"

To sign up to this year's Colour Run, click here or for more information, please email

The registration fee will go towards supporting the continued work of the Foundation in the local community. All runners are encouraged to raise money for their chosen charities.

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