Chris Price story

AS part of Deaf Awareness Week, The Albion Foundation's Chris Price tells his story about living as a profoundly deaf coach.

Working in the charity's Disablity Department, Chris has become an integral part of the team and is fulfilling a lifelong ambition by coaching people with disabilities and inspiring others to thrive in the face of adversity.

"I coach because I want to give something back for people that are growing up that might have a hearing impairment or any disability in general," said Chris.

"It's a passion of mine that I have had right from the start.

"I have always wanted to coach people, give something back, pass on what I have learned and provide a lot of opportunities for people that wouldn't have got them if they didn't come across The Albion Foundation."

Chris' positive attitude and infectious personality hasn't gone unnoticed by those around him, with the young coach gaining plaudits from Paul Glover, who is Head of Disability at the charity.

"Chris is a very important member of our team," said Paul.

"He is always looking to do something different and develop his sessions as well as develop himself, and he is never frightened to try new things.

"He is just himself. He has got a great sense of humour and gets involved, the same as everybody else."

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