Albion set to launch mental health supporters' club

ALBION are looking for supporters to join a new group that is centred on using football to promote positive mental health.

In its infancy, the supporters' club is looking for interested Albion fans to help shape the path that the group will take in the future.

The Foundation's positive wellbeing workers, Laura Northall and Jonny Taylor will deliver sessions on mindfulness, stress, anxiety and coping strategies, with the hope that it will encourage fans to connect through their mutual support of the Baggies.

"We had an idea around using football to not only normalise, but help people to cope with mental health," said Laura.

"Going to the football is a very cathartic experience; you can be yourself and it's a great release, especially if things have built up over the week.

"The club will offer people a chance to talk to professionals, but also to talk to each other about anything."

After gauging fan interest, the group will meet to discuss the finer details, such as what the group should be called and what the aims should be.

"We want to start the new club to let people know that they are not alone. You are uniting in a shared passion, and whilst acknowledging that you may be struggling, we are also saying we can get through it together," said Jonny.

"We will be offering people time to talk and vent. It is a safe space for people to let their feelings out.

One of the supporters that is keen to initiate the group, Amy Rushton, has been helped with her mental health by her affinity with Albion.

"We had a difficult childhood and my mental health deteriorated very quickly but through it all football was my constant; it filled in the gaps," said Amy.

"West Bromwich Albion, and the fans in particular, gave me hope when I felt like there was none.

"The idea behind the group is for fans that have suffered previously or are currently suffering with ill mental health to find comfort and support amongst like-minded individuals."

"If nothing else, the supporters' club should provide a safe haven for those struggling."

If you are interested in finding out more about the supporters' club, please email or

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