Growing footballing futures for girls

THE Albion Foundation's player development pathway is helping to bridge the gap for girls to join the Club's youth setup.

Ella Bryan, who is 12 years of age, began her journey at a grassroots level before moving into the Foundation's Player Development Centre and then into the Regional Talent Club.

The youngster acknowledges that she has developed as a player but still admits she wasn't expecting to progress to the RTC.

"At the PDC they have improved me as a player and physically made me stronger and more confident on the ball," said Ella.

"Now I have got better, but it was a surprise that I came from the PDC to the RTC."

Along with improving football skills, the PDC also aims to develop the players as people.

"Throughout the time that Ella has been with us she has really gained a confidence," said Lauren Affron, The Albion Foundation's Premier League Girls Football Coordinator.

"She started off quite a shy individual. It seems that the training and the coaches she has been around with the players has really brought her out of her shell."

Ella's dad, Karl, spoke fondly of the pathway that has been created for his daughter and said he would recommend it to other parents.

"The philosophy, the structure, the coaches and the assistance has just made Ella so happy," said Karl.

"Every day she can't wait to come and play for West Bromwich Albion.

"Through the PDC that they have done and in to the RTC it is just a fantastic opportunity and I would definitely recommend any parent to follow the pathway."

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