Foundation provides a female focus

THE Albion Foundation's 'Female Focus' initiative is inspiring teenage girls to be enthused by sport and become young leaders along the way.

"We're giving chances to girls in Year 11 the opportunity to go on a coaching pathway, creating leadership skills to really bring about their confidence levels and different attributes through sport," said Lauren Affron, the Foundation's Girls' Football Coordinator.

The project aims to positively change pupils' mindsets in schools that have an array of cultures.

"Our pupils have greatly diverse backgrounds. Many of them are from Yemen or Somalia," said Natasha Tranter, Sports Instructor at Ark St Alban's Academy.

"That means that they don't often see themselves doing sport because they haven't got the role models within their own cultures to be able to grab those sporting accesses.

"So, being here and being able to do Female Focus has allowed themselves to see themselves in that light, rather than to have a role model."

Despite being in its infancy, the work done in the school so far has already had a positive impact on the participants.

"For me, I enjoy it because it allows me to achieve what I want to achieve and challenge myself," said one pupil.

"It boosts your confidence, you're able to speak in front of people, you're able to lead a team, work in a team.

"I've learnt to just embrace myself."

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