Bob and Brendon to get back on their bikes

ALBION legends ‘Super Bob’ Taylor and Brendon Batson are taking to the saddle for The Albion Foundation’s 2018 Baggies Bike Challenge.

The duo are looking forward to getting back on their bikes to raise money for the charity, albeit with a dose of caution, as they take on the gruelling endurance challenge in which they will cycle from Swansea City's Liberty Stadium to The Hawthorns.

"I keep doing it because of the camaraderie with the rest of the lads that do the bike ride," said Bob.

"It's a great group, and it will be nice to have Bob along - if he can catch me, that is," said Brendon.

"I am doing the bike ride to support the good work that the Foundation does.

"I did the first one when we rode from the Southampton up to The Hawthorns. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it would be a good idea to do this one."

The ride this year will entail cycling over the Brecon Beacons; a daunting and difficult task, but both Brendon and Bob are in high spirits about the challenge.

"The bike ride itself is quite hard. Some of us find it more difficult than others," said Bob.

"Afterwards when we get together, there's that sense of achievement when we get the first day out of the way and we gather round each other and say come on, let's keep going.

"It's the kind of group that if you get left behind they will wait for you. We have a laugh and a giggle and get ready to go for the next day and gee each other up."

The former Baggies stars have a 156-mile bike ride ahead of them, and have been putting in the legwork in preparation for the cycle.

"I try and get out at least three times a week when I am working up to something like this," said Brendon.

"I will throw in a few 35 or 40 mile trips. That is what I did before, but I am a few years on so I may have to be a bit more conservative this time. It's all about getting out on your bike and getting the miles in your legs and probably eating a bit better than I am at the moment.

"I do a lot of riding on my own so it is great to be involved in a group with great company. Everyone finds a level and supports everyone else. I know Blind Dave is doing it, he was great company the last time."

The pair will be supported by the thought that the ride is all in aid of The Albion Foundation and the positive work that they do in the community.

"You want to give something back and the best way is to give back to the kids as they are the future, and to give back to disabled adults is vital because it helps them progress in life," said Bob.

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