Talking mental health at The Hawthorns

ALBION’S Mental Health Supporters’ Club is up and running after a successful first meet at The Hawthorns.

The concept of the group is to aid the mental health of Baggies fans using the power of football and their love of all things Albion.

The initial meet was an exciting moment in the project, with many of the participants delighted to meet people that have common interests and have also been through similar struggles.

"You may walk in as a stranger, but you won't leave as one," said one of the attendees.

"I would tell anyone that's considering joining to do so, as you're not alone in your troubles.

"I've met so many really amazing people from all walks of life through football."

Laura Northall, a Positive Wellbeing Worker at the Foundation, was also happy with how the initial meet went.

"We were really pleased with how many people turned up," she said.

"It was brilliant that people were so comfortable that they could share their stories.

"I've got a lot of ambition and a lot of hope that this can go really far and help as many fans as possible who are struggling with mental health."

The friendly and welcoming atmosphere within the group was a particular highlight.

"I found it very uplifting," another participant said.

"It was fantastic to meet other like-minded people and know that they are going through the same issues, but knowing that we have a common interest makes it feel even better.

"When you speak to doctors and experts, they say that the big people for you are your family, and West Bromwich Albion is part of my family."

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