Join us at our pan disability football sessions.

BUILDING confidence, making friends and enjoying football are just a few of the reasons to join The Albion Foundation's weekly pan disability football sessions.

Open to players of all abilities, the sessions are led by the charity's skilled and enthusiastic disability coaches and have become a mainstay in the lives of many of its participants.

Dan Mayne, a regular to the sessions which are led by his dad and Foundation Disability Coach, Martyne, believes that his football skills aren't the only things that have improved at the sessions.

"The reason I have come is I have built a lot of friends whilst I have been coming here," he said.

"It develops my confidence. I feel like I have developed as a person since I have been coming here."

Dan's sentiment was echoed by his dad, Martyne.

"I can hand on my heart say, without this, Dan wouldn't be where he is now with his confidence and his disability which has come on and is improving, which is working his muscles which is great," he said.

The sessions have provided an opportunity for some of the players that had become disillusioned with mainstream football to get involved in football again, such as Adam Smith.

"Before I started playing for the Albion I was playing for an 11-a-side team and I used to get bullied because of the disability I had," he said.

"I just thought to myself 'I'm never going to get a football team' because whatever football team I come in, I felt like they are just going to take advantage of me.

"Now every time that I play football I'm enjoying it and I love every single minute of it."

To get involved with the sessions, please email