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Welcome to the 'Years of the Throstle'

WELCOME to 2018 and the 'Years of the Throstle', a calendar of events which will celebrate a host of West Bromwich Albion anniversaries.

The dawn of a new year brings into focus the 50th anniversary of the cherished 1968 FA Cup triumph and you can bet that Albion will have something special in store to salute our old heroes when that May date draws closer. 

But scratch a little further below the surface and a stream of notable events come to light which tell the story of  the Club down the ages.

This year will see anniversaries marking some truly historic moments for Albion spanning our first game and trophy to more recent landmarks such as Wembley 1993, the first appearance of ‘The Three Degrees’ - Cyrille, Laurie and Brendon on the same pitch - and even 10 years of the Chris Brunt and James Morrison partnership which has played such a prominent role in the Premier League era.

Yesterday at The Hawthorns gave us a reminder of what our Club has come to mean to us all as the Baggies family displayed its love and support for the family of the much-missed Richard Eades before the team gave us a rousing, never-say-die performance against Arsenal.

It’s the spirit we shall be invoking throughout 2018 as the 'Years of the Throstle' project reflects on our Club’s remarkable story and its rich contribution to its community and beyond.

There will be special celebratory events Albion fans will not want to miss and chances for supporters to make their contribution to this year-long salute, about which we will tell you more as the year unfolds.

You can keep in touch with all of the plans here on or via our social media platforms.

And don’t forget you can still buy the perfect compendium for the 'Years of the Throstle' in the form of our limited edition book bearing the same title, which is available at the Club’s stadium store or online.

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