Super Movers

KIERAN Gibbs and Sam Field were on hand to help launch Super Movers, an initiative to get children active in the classroom.

Created by the Premier League and BBC, the scheme is aimed at encouraging youngsters to learn through movements.

Albion defender Gibbs spoke highly of the project after his afternoon at Tividale Community Primary School.

“The reaction from the kids was really positive,” said Kieran. 

“They looked energetic and excited and they looked willing to learn from it, which is the most important thing.

“There were more dance moves from me than from Sam to be honest - he was slacking in that department!

“We both tried to get involved as much as possible to help them out and we really enjoyed it.”

The children had a day to remember, as the Albion players weren’t the only surprise visitors to their school.

An ambassador for the project, CBBC presenter Karim Zeroual also visited and liked what he saw.

“I have been so impressed with how much the kids know,” said Karim.

“The response has been amazing so I am really chuffed. 

“I literally had no idea that I was going to get that sort of response - doing the assembly was like performing at Wembley with the energy that they gave me back.”

Katie Grainger, a Community Coach at The Albion Foundation, was pleased with the success of the day.

“Super Movers is a great programme that gets children active, whilst learning at the same time,” said Katie.

“The reaction from the kids has been unbelievable. Today will last in their memories; they are buzzing.

“They are really happy, there were high fives and smiles, they have seen Baggie Bird, a celebrity and footballers.”

Katie’s enthusiasm for the project was echoed by the headteacher at Tividale Community Primary School, Emma Burnell.

“It’s absolutely fantastic,” said Emma.

“It’s all about getting kids moving to teach them that we can be moving about, keeping fit and having fun all at the same time.

“They are so excited and they love it as it is something new. We do a lot of work with The Albion Foundation and to work with the charity on this is amazing for us.

“Having the footballers come in really makes it special for the kids.”

To find out more about the Super Movers project, or The Albion Foundation’s work within schools, please contact

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