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Cyrille Regis Service updates

ALBION today say goodbye to Club legend Cyrille Regis with a service at The Hawthorns.


  • Family and friends pay emotional tributes
  • Thousands gather at The Hawthorns
  • First-team squad pay their respects


The Celebration Service will begin at around 10.45am with a procession, followed by opening passages from Bishop David Carr OBE and Chris Love.


Albion’s players, staff and supporters gathered at The Hawthorns earlier on this morning to bid farewell to Cyrille Regis.



'Bring Him Home' is being played as the family take their seats at The Hawthorns for the Celebration Service.


Karl George MBE is welcoming family, friends and supporters to the Celebration Service.


Pastor Kevin Thomas leads the prayer of thanksgiving.


'The Lord's my Shepherd' is our first congregational hymn.


A video tribute to Cyrille is now being played on the big screens, which can be watched below…


'Nice one Cyrille' and 'One Cyrille Regis' are sung by the congregation.


Beverly Knight MBE sings 'Going Up Yonder'.


Graham Daniels from Christians in Sport tells the congregation of how Cyrille became a Christian.


Jonathan Barnett from Stellar now speaks of Cyrille's fantastic work as an agent.

"Cyrille was our brightest star... Cyrille was a great agent, a great mentor."


John Homer, Chairman of the West Bromwich Albion Supporters' Club delivers a tribute to Cyrille.

"He set the example for generations of black players to come. He was a true man of the people."


Cyrille's former Coventry manager John Sillett is next to pay tribute.

"He will be badly missed, but he will never be forgotten."


An emotional tribute from Brendon Batson as he talks about his close friend and teammate.

"He knew his worth, but he remained humble - one of his greatest qualities.

"Cyrille was much more than just a footballer. He was a dignified man who we all enjoyed being around.

"To Cyrille's family, we hope that the love here today will help in some small way ease your pain. But know that we will forever keep you in our thoughts, our prayers and our hearts.

"We will never forget Cyrille."


Following the touching personal tributes to Cyrille, there is now a 10 minute celebration in song from Carl McGregor and his band.


Dave Regis, Cyrille's brother, is next to pay tribute.

"Cyrille travelled to Birmingham to play for West Brom, and next thing we knew he was all over the back pages of the papers. It was all a bit surreal, because to us he was our brother.

"We will miss his wisdom, his voice and his love."


And now it's the turn of former Albion striker Jason Roberts, Cyrille's nephew.

"I went on to have a professional football career because of the inspiration he gave me, and he did that to so many others.

"As an individual and a family, we don't own the legacy of Cyrille Regis - all of you do.

"He was a special man and his legacy must live on."


Next for the family tributes is Cyrille's daughter Michelle Regis.

"I couldn't have been more proud to call you my dad."


Lastly Cyrille's son Robert Regis talks about his father.

"He was a genuine family man. He was our walking, talking superhero."


Rebecca Linton now sings 'My Help' following the family tributes.


Cyrille's wife Julia Regis reads out his Eulogy to the congregation.

"Cyrille treated everyone like they were the most important person he ever met."


Bishop David Carr OBE gives the Address to The Hawthorns.


'Nice one Cyrille' rings around The Hawthorns as Carl McGregor and his band play their final song to bring the Celebration Service to an end.

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