Foundation pupils take the lead

THE Albion Foundation’s Primary Time Out group have shown their pedigree by volunteering at the Birmingham Dogs Home and raising money for the charity.

It's good for them to see something like this to see what goes on in the outside world," said Dave Moore, The Albion Foundation Primary Coordinator.

"It's also good for them to come up with ideas to raise money to see the benefit of what their money does for people and for charities like this."

The money raised and helping hand has benefited the dogs home, but the children received plenty in return.

"We've helped to make them understand where their fundraising's going to help all of the stray dogs that come into us, but also with an aspect of education in there as well," said Rachel Frost, Birmingham Dogs Home Education Officer.

"They've been able to understand exactly what we do here and also how their fundraising's going to help us and all their donations and also the education side of it as well, so they've really learnt lots about our charity today."

The pupils took a lot from the day, making friends along the way.

"What I've learnt today is that dogs aren't scary," said one participant.

"I didn't like dogs, but now I met Buster and I really liked him."

"We get to see all the dogs, and we get to walk one of the dogs and feed the dog with treats."

"We picked Birmingham Dogs (Home) because we can give all the dogs a home."

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