‘Stellar’ Barry a delight for Moore

DARREN Moore says Gareth Barry’s “stellar” performances are the result of invaluable “experience, intelligence and niche skill”.

Albion have not lost a single league game in which the 37-year-old midfielder has featured this term, a record consisting of eight victories and three draws.  

“He came back in and played the Villa game and that was a stellar performance from Gareth,” said the Baggies boss. 

“He showed his class, his quality. 

“He’d been out for about six weeks before that game and the way he came back in was like he’d never been away. 

“The way he drove the team forward was excellent. His contribution to the team is absolutely fantastic. His experience and knowhow, in terms of picking up the tempo of the game, is a real niche skill. 

“To step into a game and stamp your authority on it just shows how valuable his experience and intelligence is.

“We’re pleased to have him back.

“The accuracy of his passing and his intelligence to see space at that moment in that second all go to show what a good player he is. 

“He’s been doing this year after year and he’s getting better at it. He has the experience, the mentality, and he still has the physicality, so put all that together with someone who is enjoying his football and that’s why we’re seeing the performances that he’s putting in.”

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