Amari's story

AS part of International Day of Disabled Persons, this is Amari Innis' story...

From not speaking until he was five-years-old to volunteering with The Albion Foundation, Amari has not allowed his autism affect his experience in sport.

The 21 year-old has gone from being a participant with the Foundation in 2012 to now supporting coaches during sessions. 

"When I help the coaches out, they mean a lot to me," said Amari.

"I did work experience with them since I was at school.

"I did work experience with them when I was at college and now I'm volunteering with them and I really enjoy it."

Having worked closely with the charity for a number of years, Amari is looking to take the next step.

"Hopefully I will get a job with The Albion Foundation in the future, be a full-time member of staff," he added.

Watch the above video to find out more about Amari's journey so far.