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Always Albion: Remembering lost love ones

ALBION supporters are urged to get to their seats early on Saturday to salute those members of the Club's family we have lost during 2018.

In a new annual feature at The Hawthorns, the last home match of the year will see the Baggies faithful say thank-you and farewell to fans who have passed away over the year.
The names of Club legends will mix with those who watched from the sidelines in a “roll of honour” which will play out on the big screens 20 minutes before kick-off.
To provide musical accompaniment, we are delighted to welcome back the Cyrille Regis Memorial Choir to reprise their moving and inspiring rendition of 'The Lord’s My Shepherd'.
Families and relatives have supplied the names of loved ones lost this year who will also be featured in our matchday programme, Albion News.
A video tribute to those who have passed away is also available to view at the top of this story.
With the respect and gratitude of the Club for their support and service, the names of all who feature in the video are listed below:
David Bradshaw (1948-2018)
Garry Pitt (1956-2018)
Archie Styles (1939-2018)
Malcolm Green (1945-2018)
Harry Shilton (1943-2018)
Gladys Goulding (1926-2018)
Martin Collinson (1953-2018)
Denis Alan William Underwood (1938-2018)
Tony Plevey (1947-2018)
Leslie Steventon (1936-2018)
Thomas Edward Fisher (1929-2018)
Leonard Lees (1926-2018)
Barry Thompson (1941-2018)
Geoff Carter (1943-2018)
Fred Hall (1941-2018)
William ‘Bill’ Blakemore (1930-2018)
Russell Bishop (1973-2018)
Alan Hughes (1950-2018)
John Spiers (1941-2018)
Richard Philip Lediard (1953-2018)
Mark Price (1965-2018)
John Clegg (1954-2018)
Neil Anderson (1961-2018)
Ian Townsend (1948-2018)
Dave Stewart (1947-2018)
Robert Jones (1946-2018)
Bruce Vos (1918-2018)
Robert Cox (1944-2018)
Denis Edward Loughlin (1978-2018)
Norman Goring (1941-2018)
John Bonehill (1944-2018)
Joseph Goddard-Howe (1932-2018)
Kenneth ‘Ken’ James Dyer (1940-2018)
Fred Bird (1925-2018)
Jim Everett (1948-2018)
Allan Crowshaw (1932-2018)
Tony Kettle (1942-2018)
Brian Ashcroft (1936-2018)
Don Kendrick (1929-2018)
John Flanagan (1937-2018)
David Green (1940-2018)
Geoff Rudge (1944-2018)
Malcolm Stokes (Aged 65)
Sean Power (1964-2018)
Gary Patrick Firkin (1957-2018)
Thomas ‘Jonah’ Jones (2000-2018)
Stephen Bell (1952-2018)
Warren Mitchell Fletcher (1997-2018)
Juanita Gibbs (1930-2018)
Brian Westbury (1936-2018)
Roy Carr (1940-2018)
Bill Atkins (1951-2018)
Kenneth John Southall (Aged 80)
Pauline Sylvia Williams (1934-2018)
Frank Hodgetts (1924-2018)
Ray Evans (1931-2018)
Nigel Crawford (1956-2018)
Daniel Lee Jones (1981-2018)
Carlton Kiteley (1955-2018)
Alan Rogers (1933-2018)
Raymond Leslie Tonks (1949-2018)
Ken Hodgkisson (1933-2018)
Don Castle (1935-2018)
Margret Castle (1935-2018)
John Edward Hackett (1944-2018)
John Thomas Briscoe (Aged 83)
Jeff Farmer (1938-2018)
Patricia Anne Goode (1944-2018)
Patricia Ann Jones (1937-2018)
Linda Holmes (1948-2018)
Valerie Fisher (1943-2018)
Jez Edwards (1959-2018)
John Horace Danter (1949-2018)
Graham Lovett (1947-2018)
Anthony Vale (1940-2018)
Patricia Jones (1936-2018)
Ronald Badhams (1930-2018)
Robert Jones (1955-2018)
John Wain (1938-2018)
Frank Giles (1922-2018)
Cyrille Regis (1958-2018)
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