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The Albion Assembly is recruiting

SINCE its inception a little under four years ago, the Albion Assembly has evolved into a vital connect between Club and supporters.

It has provided valued input on all aspects of the Club’s activities from the perspective of you, the supporter, and today there is a fresh opportunity for Albion fans to join in a consultation group which has been hailed by the football authorities. 

We are looking to “refresh” the membership with some new blood and new perspectives on the wide range of issues the Albion Assembly will tackle.

Let’s remind ourselves why Assembly exists. We can’t get 25,000 fans into a room on a regular basis but we can meet 25 or more five or six times a year to hear what you are thinking.

The topic range is as broad as it is long - anything from food on the concourses, entertainment in the Fanzone, strips, prices, pieces of flimsy and issues of major interest. We’ve staged and filmed Q and As with senior Club officials about transfer business, consulted on season ticket prices and fielded the groans about queues for a pint! The Assembly cannot solve all our problems but it can and does play a key role in keeping the Club on its toes about the good and not so good elements of The Hawthorns experience.

Members have also joined sub committee groups to look into match day experiences, diversity issues and our unique digital archive project which continues to grow and develop towards a launch point.

We’re grateful to all the members who have devoted and time and energy into making the Albion Assembly such a vital forum. Some eventually have to relinquish the commitment because of work commitments or changes in personal circumstances and we can now accommodate a fresh influx of members.

If you’re interested then all you need is the time, the devotion and that love for the Baggies to ask not what the Albion can do for you but what you can do for the Albion.

How do you apply? Simply e-mail us at and give us your vital statistics - your name, age, years supporting the club, where you sit at The Hawthorns. Why do you want to join? What would you be able to bring to our discussions? What subjects are most important to you?

We won’t be able to please everyone because there simply isn’t the space on the Assembly to do so. I apologise in advance to those who will be disappointed. But I will sit down with a small group of Assembly members and sift through your emails with the aim of choosing a blend of new members who can expand the Club’s contact with our fan base.

Martin Swain

Director of Communications