Inspire Afrika

KENYAN children have received a helping hand through fledgling charity Inspire Afrika and The Albion Foundation.

With the support of the Foundation, Inspire Afrika co-founders Sallyann Wright and husband and wife duo Neil and Paula Burns created their own charity 12 months ago after previous trips to Kenya's fourth-largest city, Nakuru. 

Neil explained the impact the project has had on the youngsters in the East African country.

"If they weren't at school they would probably be roaming the streets, picking up litter or just walking the streets.

"They wouldn't be being fed because their parents wouldn't be able to afford to feed them.

"Coming to the project gives them two meals a day, they get an education and they hopefully will go on to do better things in the future."

First venturing to the Kenyan city in 2014 with the Foundation, the trio were moved by what they saw, culminating in the creation of their own charity today.

"We saw a big need when we went out there and happily the Foundation were very pleased to support us and it's gone on from there," said Neil.

It was a busy 11-day trip for the group of seven volunteers as they renovated classrooms, created space for more children to attend school and delivered food parcels.

"It's very, very difficult to put into words, the experience was life-changing and unforgettable for the rest of their lives," added Neil.

"The children are 110% happy with what you're doing for them.

"The work we do out there lasts a while but the time you spend with the kids lasts a lifetime.

"They literally appreciate every single thing you do - you can't fail to want to keep going back because that's so rewarding for you as well." 

Creating a charity from scratch has plenty of hurdles along the way, leaving many people doubting what the trio could accomplish.

"When we started off we were told that it wasn't going to be easy and that many people had tried to setup on their own and nobody, up until this point, had managed it," said Sallyann.

"It's gone better than expected - we've worked really hard and having just come back from the trip with our first volunteers, we're really pleased that everything's fallen into place.

"The volunteers have said they had some amazing experiences and really enjoyed the trip."

An information evening for the next trip to Kenya is taking place at The Hawthorns on Thursday, September 6 at 6.30pm.

For further details, please email

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