Giving a helping hand to an aspiring coach

FINDING a pathway within coaching isn't always an easy task, but The Albion Foundation has provided a helping hand for Ollie Noble, a tenacious young coach.

The youngster's volunteering work with the Foundation has helped to equip Ollie, who is only 14 years-old, with a skill-set above his years.

Both parties have benefitted from working together, with the charity's coaches comfortable for Ollie to lead on parts of their sessions.

Luke Sidaway says working with Ollie is a delight as he is responsible, confident and popular with the children.

"I first met Ollie around about a year ago," he said.

"He is a very bright lad, who has got a great character, and from the get-go wanted to just get involved with the sessions and start helping out the coaches.

"I have been here a number of years and he is one of the most confident volunteers I have ever met.

"You can trust him, you know he's going to do a good job and for that reason I love him when he's volunteering with me in my sessions.

"He's just so bubbly and so fun that the kids just take to him like a magnet."

Ollie is happy with his progression and is feeling the benefits of helping others, as he develops himself in his volunteering role.

"The thing I enjoy most about coaching is helping out the younger ones," he said.

"Whenever you help them and whenever you see them do something that you have told them to do, it brings a bit of joy. It is good, really good to see.

"I feel like I have developed more as a person with The Albion Foundation by helping other people out."

The success that Ollie is having in the sessions has not gone unnoticed in his home life, as his dad, James Noble, says he is proud of the dedication that his son is showing.

"I can see him developing as a person," he said.

"It is a proud thing because he is contributing in a good way and that is important for him and other people to get involved and contribute a little bit into the communities.

"He seems to be flourishing and it is a lot to do with the environment and the encouragement that the staff at the Foundation give him to push himself."

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