Frank Chapman Centre

IT was a day of fun in the sun for The Albion Foundation’s Disability participants as they headed to the Frank Chapman Centre to take part in team building activities.

The youngsters were able to build shelters and make fires as they were taught the essentials when it comes to bush craft skills.

A summer treat for the children also had real benefit for their social skills and confidence.

"Doing this gives them the chance to see how they work as a team and try and achieve something as a collective unit," said Rich Henderson, one of the Foundation's Disability Coaches.

"I think a lot of the kids here today get a lot from these sorts of activities.

"Whether it's things like communication between each other, which some struggle with more than others, or whether it's something just really building confidence and having a really good time.

"I think all of those things combined together make it a really good day and activity."

Watch the above video to find out how the memorable day unfolded.

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