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Moore will only see Red

DARREN Moore insists nothing will deviate his focus from Saturday’s Premier League clash with Liverpool at The Hawthorns (ko 12.30pm).

Albion’s 1-0 win at Old Trafford on Sunday led the media to ask questions regarding his future and the Club’s chances of survival during this morning’s pre-match press conference. 

But Moore remained resolute in his answers, stating on numerous occasions that his thinking is solely on preparing for tomorrow’s lunchtime kick-off. 

“It’s been great and I’ve received support from everyone here at the football club. It fills me with great joy that everyone has pulled together to move forward and they continue to do that. 

“With regards to the role and the job, somebody has to sit in this seat, it happens to be me. I’ll always continue to take it one game at a time - that is what the club has asked me to do. 

“I know people will continue to ask and I know you have to keep asking the questions but I really will, from the bottom of my heart, only be focussing on one game at a time - it really is just that.”  

On the subject of survival, Darren added: “All my energy is on the next game. All I want us to do as a club is continue to support each other and work hard for each other. We need to keep that togetherness.

“By Saturday afternoon we’ll know how the game has gone. It’s important we put all our energy and efforts into the game, all those ‘what ifs?’ and everything else we can’t determine now. 

“It will be a tough game as Liverpool are a good team. We know that we will have to be at our very best to get a result because they are an excellent team.” 

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