Easter Autism Camp

THE Albion Foundation held an autism camp during half-term in an effort to ease stresses that breaks from school can bring for autistic children.

A need for structure and routine is a symptom of autism and children with the condition can often be thrown out of kilter with a break from day-to-day activities.

"Having autism, they need everything to be quite structured, especially in school holidays," said Foundation Disability Coach, Laura Marriott.

"Families will struggle to keep the routine of a school day the same, so bringing them back to school will help to keep that routine as similar as they can.

"It's like respite for the parents and they wouldn't be able to have their half-terms without it, they're really thankful and grateful that we can put this on.

"We try to engage with them and keep it quite structured and routine but try to make sure that they have fun."

Offering sensory and sport-based activities, the charity worked alongside Hamilton School and Devonshire Primary School to deliver the sessions to 25 pupils from the two schools.

"I think it shows how much the children are enjoying it by how they react, they are all really happy and engaged," said Hamilton School teacher, Annie Byrne.

Plans are in place to continue the camp's growth with an event in the summer.

For more information regarding the Foundation's work with autistic children, please email