Darren's belief in 'this great club'

DARREN Moore spells out just how much West Bromwich Albion means to him as he prepares to take charge of the Club for the first time.

In a candid and passionate interview, 'Mooro' admitted it had been a bruising season but urged the Albion family to once again get behind the team on Saturday against Swansea City.

It will be the first time Darren takes a leading role in the Baggies dugout, having played 116 matches in an established career at The Hawthorns.

He says he is proud to lead "this great club" and, whatever fate may hold, he wants everyone associated with West Bromwich Albion to "buy into its values, respect and culture".

"It's been an exciting week on a personal level - and a busy one," Darren told WBA TV. "To get the news of the previous manager losing the job is never good news. But I was asked by the Club to step in and to lead the team. I've done that.

"We've really got some good work done this week. There was a good spirit in the players and they did the work that was asked of them to absolute perfection. We'll look to continue that hard work up to the time of the game.

"The message from me has been 'we' and 'us', 'family' and 'togetherness'. I want people to show their character, show courage and be composed. I want to use the word 'family' because family members are all equal.

"That's what I want right the way through this Football Club. And I mean players, staff, fans, community; all the aspects of the Club.

"Everybody has their bit to play. This will never be a one-man show, it will always be us together. I want everybody associated with West Bromwich Albion to represent West Bromwich Albion. This great club has values, respect and culture. We all buy into it. We're proud of it and we should be."

Mooro's first task will be to end a nine-game winless sequence in all competitions. In a season of upheaval, he says "what's gone has gone". It's time to look to the future, to come to The Hawthorns and support the team. In his own words, he's just "serving and working hard for West Bromwich Albion". But make no mistake, he's here to win.

"It's been tough. No team goes out there to lose games but we've found ourselves where we are," Darren added. "But looking forward we have an opportunity to put that right. What's gone has gone now. We can all come on Saturday to support the team.

"We want to win games. I want to win games. And I'm going at it one hundred per cent. I'm here serving and working hard for West Bromwich Albion. But believe me, it's in my blood to win.

"I want a workmanlike, high-energy performance against Swansea. I want a discipline, a togetherness and a good team spirit. I want good values on the pitch, encouraging and helping each other. I want hard work, full commitment.

"To the supporters, roar us on and get us over the line. I hope that we all do our bit on Saturday."

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