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CLUB STATEMENT: Garlick to take top job at Premier League

ALBION can today confirm that Richard Garlick, the Club’s Director of Football Administration, is leaving to take up one of the top positions at the Premier League.

Richard, 41, who has been a key figure at The Hawthorns for eight years, has been appointed the Premier League’s first Director of Football, a newly-formed role within the hierarchy of the biggest league in world football. 

Richard will stay in post during the summer before taking up his new duties but admits it will be a wrench to leave behind a club which has come to mean so much to him and his family.

“It’s an opportunity that is impossible to turn down and one I am very excited to be taking,” said Richard. 

“But of course I am very conscious that I will be leaving Albion at the lowest point we have experienced in my eight years here and that is not something I lightly dismiss.

“Albion has become my second home and come to mean everything to me and my family as the Club built a successful period of growth within the Premier League. 

“It’s always been a challenge but it is one I have relished every day and to be leaving it at this moment is not easy.

“All I can say is that we are all keenly aware there is a major ‘rebirth’ to be planned this summer and I will do everything I can to help that process before I move on.”

Richard was appointed Director of Football Administration in May 2014 having previously occupied posts as Legal Director/Secretary before advancing to Sporting and Technical Director in 2013.

He qualified as a lawyer in 2002 and specialised in sporting disputes before joining Albion where he was appointed to the board seven months later.

He is a well known figure in Premier League circles as a member of the Premier League’s Legal Advisory Group. He is a former FA Councillor and member of the Football Regulatory Authority, FA Cup Committee and Chairman of the FA Judicial Monitoring Group.

His exit was greeted with disappointment by Chief Executive Mark Jenkins - but good wishes too.

“I have tried to persuade Richard to stay but the opportunity the Premier League have offered him is one anyone would find difficult to turn away,” said Mark. 

“He leaves us with our very best wishes in his new post. 

“We will be sorry to see him go as he has been an invaluable member of our senior team for a long time.

“But Richard will play a leading role in helping us through some very important decisions in the remaining weeks of his duties. He will continue to work closely with Technical Consultant Giuliano Terraneo and myself on the important challenges we will be tackling.

“I want to assure supporters that we remain determined to take an opportunity this summer to re-launch the Club into a new and positive era.”

Richard’s new role will see him oversee the primary football administration functions at the Premier League, including football operations, football relations, youth development, coaching and young player education. 

Premier League Executive Chairman Richard Scudamore said: “We are very happy to have secured a person with Richard’s knowledge and experience to take on this vital role at the Premier League. He is well known to the clubs and respected by all.

“He joins a great team and together we can continue to provide the best possible service to our member clubs and many organisations that have come to depend on the Premier League for leadership and guidance in a range of football matters.”

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