Attention to detail key, says Cutler

NEIL Cutler shines a light on Albion's new-look coaching team after Darren Moore extended his unbeaten start to life in the Hawthorns dugout on Saturday.

The Baggies staged a remarkable comeback to snatch a point from Champions League semi-finalists Liverpool last time out, having put Manchester United to the sword at Old Trafford just six days prior.

It means Darren's reign has yielded five points from three Premier League games after a 1-1 draw against Swansea City in his Baggies bow. And it's proved a welcome reprieve for Albion fans who have endured a difficult twelve-month period.

To what do they owe the uplift? Goalkeeping Coach Cutler, who joined the Baggies from Walsall in January, has attributed new-found fortune to a strict focus on planning and preparation.

"Basically we've all had to pull together, roll our sleeves up and dig in," said Neil.

"I think the planning and preparation has been a massive part of it, how we plan for sessions, how we plan for games. It's been huge."

Neil reserved special mention for James Shan and Darren's close friend Wayne Jacobs, both of whom have been by the big man's side for his whirlwind induction to life in the hot-seat. And he believes the players have "bought into" the methods of Mooro and his team.

"The detail that the coaches go into with Mooro, Jimmy Shan and Wayne when he comes in has been absolutely different class," he added.

"The detail has been really good and the lads have really bought into it.

"That's a big reason to why we're moving forward. They've bought into what we're asking. It's a lot of work, we're starting early, finishing late, but I think that's what you need to do in order to win games at this level, especially when you're coming up against Man United and Liverpool.

"You need to find a way of not just containing them, but as Mooro says, throw a punch back. You've got to find a way of throwing a punch and that takes detail, time, and organisation."

Darren's call for unity and togetherness has been clear for all to see since he took charge of first-team affairs. And Cutler believes there's a positivity around the Club; something that is reflected when the players cross the white lines.

"I think it works, the lads know the kind of staff we are. We're hard working, genuine, want them to get on," he said.

'We do everything we possibly can to win the game at the weekend. If they want extra, they can have extra, we're quite open they can speak to us about any issues.

"The dynamic works really well. There's not been an issue yet.

"Their desire, everything we've asked of them, they've put it in. We can't ask any more of them. We've had to work in detail, we've had a lot of meetings, lots for them to take on board but I think they've enjoyed that."


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