A Hawthorns welcome for Aman Group

LOCALS who have lived near The Hawthorns for over 50 years stepped into the home of Albion for the first time to learn more about what lies behind the Astle Gates.

40 members of the Aman Group, a Smethwick-based wellbeing venture for Asian ladies, received behind-the-scenes access of the stadium they had previously only walked past for more than half a century.

"They're really excited about being here at West Bromwich Albion," said The Albion Foundation's Engagement Officer, Gurdial Singh.

"These ladies have never set foot in the ground, even though they've lived in the area for 50, 60 years for some of them.

"It shows we're inclusive, it shows that football goes beyond these four walls.

"I'm hoping they'll go back, they'll talk to their families and tell them what a great time they've had and how welcoming West Bromwich Albion are."

Watch the above video to find out how the tour unfolded.

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