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TP on Greg and Gibbs

TONY Pulis is pleased with the progress of Albion’s last two signings of the transfer window after their home debuts against West Ham.

Grzegorz Krychowiak and Kieran Gibbs are regaining match sharpness after a lack of game time since the end of last season.

Krychowiak, in particular, has suffered with only seven appearances last season but Pulis is increasingly confident of the impact the two internationals will make when they are fully ‘up to speed'.

He said: “I thought he was very good (against West Ham). I spoke to him after the game. He still feels that he is not sharp and he is not as strong as he would like to be.

"That's two games he has played - he didn't play any games in pre-season. He is going to be a really good player for us.

“We are pleased that we have got him, now what we have to do is make sure that we look after him and get him to that level of fitness that will help the team. I think he'll be a top player for us.

“We want him to eventually push forward more and if you speak to him I think that is what he wants as well. He wants that freedom to get forward and when fully fit he has the energy to do that.

“He's got everything and he is a strong lad.

“Kieran got cramp at the end and we were worried that it was his hamstring but the doctor has assured me that it is cramp and not his hamstring.

"He has got quality, real quality, and again when we get him up to speed he'll be a good player for us. He will give us something that we haven't had in a while in that respect.”

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