Phillips and Hegazi make surprise post-16 visit

MATT Phillips and Ahmed Hegazi made a surprise visit to a Q & A session with a group of budding footballers as part of The Albion Foundation’s Post-16 programme.

“The programme is [designed] to develop individuals, whether that is male or female, to get them into the sporting industry,” said Lawrence Roberts, The Albion Foundation’s Post-16 coordinator. 

“It hopefully inspires them to go and train and work hard, but also to educate themselves well, so that they can go on to make a career.

"It is a great experience meeting these players but again, it is all about inspiring these individuals to go and make careers for themselves.”

Albion winger Matt Phillips enjoyed taking part in the event and spoke highly of the Foundation's programme.

“It is always nice to come and speak to people. I thought the questions they asked were really good,” he said.

“There is always the case that you don’t end up making it as a footballer and you need something to fall back on. Something you are interested in and something you are good at, so I think that is vital as well.

“The work that The Albion Foundation are doing with the boys is great.”

The Albion Foundation work with Sandwell College, Aston Manor Academy, Holyhead School and Windsor High School to deliver this programme.

“Post-16 has given me the opportunity to carry on playing football to the highest level that I can get to," said Soms Sibanda, who is a player on the Post-16 programme.

"With the coaches from the Foundation it allows us to keep training hard and working hard together as a team.”

For more information on the programme, please contact The Albion Foundation’s Post-16 Programme Coordinator Lawrence Roberts at