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Albion to honour Three Degrees on Saturday

ALBION fans are urged to enter The Hawthorns in good time to honour our special Fans’ Champions on Saturday.

Cyrille Regis, Brendon Batson and representatives of the late Laurie Cunningham’s family will be taking the match ball out to the Premier League plinth in keeping with the theme of Diversity Day.

No three names, forever associated with the legendary and celebrated ’Three Degrees’ Baggies team, speak for diversity more loudly and they will revel in helping us send out the message says Brendon.

“It will be a pleasure to be there and an honour to take part in this ceremony,” he says.

“I’ve always been proud of Albion’s place in the story of diversity in football and we need to keep the message loud and clear today. I know the fans will be backing this and full marks to the Club for organising this day.”

With special events at the Fanzone it’s certainly going to be a pre-match build-up with a difference.

The tribute to the three iconic players who confronted and defeated the bigotry of their playing days is scheduled to go ahead at around 2.40pm and is part of a rich parade of events we are hoping will reinforce the day’s message of inclusiveness and togetherness.

Look out for the Choy Lee Fut Lion and Dance team while the Fans’ Champion spotlight will give way to some boisterous rhythms from the Sardara and Gurcharan Dhol Drummers. Children from Galton Valley Primary School will help us unveil new flags to represent our diverse supporter and community groups.

That will be the prelude to the teams’ entrance as Albion get on with the business of taking on Watford in the Premier League clash at 3pm.

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