Foundation Programme launched in Black History Month

BLACK History Month is being celebrated in October with the launch of a new initiative by The Albion Foundation.

The Our Albion Innovation Programme will be visiting schools to help youngsters understand their identity and promote equality in keeping with the Club’s proud place in the diversity.  

“If you look at the history of the club and how they have been not only inclusive but also forerunners in supporting players from minority backgrounds, particularly the Three Degrees,” said Rich Pringle, who works for Three Faiths Forum (3FF). 

“It is a real celebration of what the club do.”

The first session of the programme was attended by four children from five different schools, who were part of each school’s Gifted & Talented initiative.

“Identity for them, particularly at this age is important, when things come across to them they can perceive things in the wrong way,” said Balbi Balu, a teacher at Hob Green Primary School.

“It is important for them to know their identity as well as other people’s.”

The programme launch included a session on the Three Degrees and their influence at Albion, followed by a session on identity, a ground tour and a maths lesson with the Baggies Bullseye.

“It’s Black History Month this month, I think that is something again that The Club and The Foundation will be supporting,” said Katie Grainger,  an Albion Foundation coach. 

“The workshops are about racism and what happened in the past, what happens today and how we can prevent it.”

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