The Foundation's Grassroots Programme continues to grow

THE Albion Foundation has once again strengthened its Grassroots Programme, helping to form 12 teams in the under-seven to eight age group last season, benefitting five clubs and 14 grassroots coaches.

The Grassroots Programme offers a range of activities, sessions and experiences to a number of the local clubs to engage and support their development.

"We are able to use the West Bromwich Albion brand to encourage more children to get involved in football from the earliest age," said Sam Whitmore, The Albion Foundation's Grassroots Lead Coach.

"These coaching sessions at the various grassroots clubs are so vital for the development of football in our local area."

With activities ranging from Mini Kickers sessions to experiences at The Hawthorns, the programme endeavours to interact with children of all backgrounds at their grassroots clubs.

"The coaching that the boys have received has been brilliant, giving them core skills such as dribbling, passing and movement, but more importantly, confidence and social skills," said Mark Besant, Walsall Wood Under-7s Coach.

The main focus behind these sessions is to offer local children, aged from three to seven years-old, the chance to begin their journey in football.

"My son's development at football has improved his personal confidence and his school ability quite extraordinarily," said Neil Hathaway, whose child plays for Walsall Wood Under-7s.

"I put that down to the enjoyment he gets out of training, his teamwork ethos gained and the quality of learning and training he has received." 

The programme currently hosts 120 children every Saturday morning with Walsall Wood Saints, Kewford Eagles, Boldmere St Michaels FC, Nunnery Wood Colts and LBBFC City Badgers all taking part.

The Albion Foundation's coaches deliver on all of the sessions and also assist the clubs with finding new coaches and forming new teams.

"When we were given the chance to work with qualified coaches from The Albion Foundation at the critical under-six age, it was an instant success," said Phil Hulme, Kewford Eagles Coach.

You can find the other various grassroots sessions that they offer weekly across Birmingham, Dudley and Worcester by clicking here.

Come along and start your child's journey off with The Albion Foundation at a grassroots club near you.