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ALBION's ambitious Archive project is about to begin a new phase as a history of the Club's earliest secrets are downloaded into a digital format.

The Club have agreed to have its ancient minute books from the first board meetings - a record of the directors discussions going back to the 1880s - converted to digital as part of the Download Albion archive project.

In addition, the complete run of our acclaimed and multi-award winning programme, Albion News will be similarly digitised and made available over the coming years as part of a comprehensive online history of our club.

Albion's publications editor Dave Bowler is leading the plan to eventually assemble a written, audio and visual history of the Club and says: "We intend this to be the richest, most detailed and most extensive project of its kind ever undertaken by any football club.

"Download Albion will put our history in the hands of the fans at the touch of a keyboard and ensure it is there for future generations."

The Club intends building a comprehensive database of every game Albion have ever played - competitive and friendlies - with, wherever possible, team line-ups, goalscorer details, match reports, photos and programme details.

An Albion "Wikipedia" style database for every player who has represented the Club, including appearance details, biography, photographs, and, where possible, interviews and features will also be available.

And there remains an important role for our supporters too with the "Face In The Crowd'. As already trailed in Albion News this season, this is a special section featuring interviews with our fans down the ages - whether your first memory was Ronnie Allen or Salomon Rondon.

We'll be giving you more updates, including how you can become part of it, as it continues but Dave was able to give a taste of what is up ahead at the recent meeting of our fans advisory body, the Albion Assembly.

The Assembly has provided backing and logistical support in building this digital museum while the Club has collected all of its memorabilia, and that owned by private collectors, former players and supporters, to begin compiling archive features.

Watch the above video for a little taster of what's in store.

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