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Albion set for US television debut

Fly-on-the-wall documentary gets prime time slot

ALBION hit the US TV screens this weekend as the first episode of the “Behind the Badge” series airs on NBC.

The 25-minute fly-on-the-wall documentary, commissioned by the Premier League’s US broadcast rights holder and produced by Goalhanger Films, will be shown after America’s growing football audience have watched the live game between Arsenal and Liverpool.

The Baggies are the third Premier League club to be featured in the series, following Crystal Palace and Watford, but the first to be given the prime-time Saturday slot guaranteeing the Premier League’s biggest TV audience in the States.

Albion are drawing up plans to ensure that UK viewers will also get the chance to see this unique footage of the Club’s day-by-day operations as the hours tick down to match time.

The first episode, of what is a four-part series, concludes with Albion’s 2-1 victory over Bournemouth at The Hawthorns on Saturday, February 25.

It will be shown on NBCSN on Saturday at 3pm ET.

The following is a full schedule for Behind the Badge - West Bromwich Albion:

Episode 1 - Saturday, March 4 - 3pm ET - NBCSN 
Episode 2 - Sunday, March 12 - 2.30pm ET - NBCSN
Episode 3 - Saturday, March 18 - 4.30pm ET - NBCSN
Episode 4 - Sunday, April 2 - 1.30pm ET - NBCSN