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Live TV selection dates

ALBION's 2017/18 Premier League fixtures have been released and supporters will already be planning their trips for the new season.

If you are thinking of making travel and accomodation arrangements then it is worth remembering that all fixture dates and kick-off times are subject to change for a variety of reasons.

One of those which can affect alterations is the selection of matches for live television broadcast.

Therefore the below table will provide useful dates for your diary, indicating approximately when TV selections are announced for each month throughout the campaign.

Period of matches covered

Approximate date of announcement
August and September July 10, 2017
October and November August 11, 2017
December and January October 12, 2017
February December 12, 2017
March January 25, 2018
April February 26, 2018
May April 6, 2018
Matchweek 38 After all clubs have played 37 matches
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