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Pulis on why he chose Megson

TONY Pulis is looking for Gary Megson to step into the boots left by his previous assistant Dave Kemp following the return of the former Albion boss.

Megson is Pulis’s pick as Assistant Head Coach and believes the two can develop a strong working relationship as they strive to take Albion forward.
Megson adds his presence to a backroom team of Ben Garner and Mark O’Connor with Gerry Francis applying his expertise in the build up to matches. Jonathon Gould is Albion’s goalkeeping coach.
Explaining the working dynamic going forward Pulis said: “I’ve got some wonderful talent in the coaching room. I’ve known Mark a long time and he has always focused on coaching while Ben has it in him to one day step into the manager’s role. He’s got the potential.
“Gerry will still be giving me his input and I see Gary fitting very smoothly into this team. He will essentially step into the ‘Kempy’ role and bring his experience and knowledge to the group.”
Pulis turned to Megson as it became clear his long-time assistant would not be returning from America, a decision which revived a relationship which began way back at the dawn of their careers.
“I first met Gary when I was at Bristol Rovers where his dad, Don, gave me my debut,” Pulis explains.
“Gary turned up to train as a 17-year-old and we’ve got on ever since then, really. He has done exceptionally well with certain clubs in management. At the back end he was most probably tired and worn out which can certainly happen.
“But he has had a long time and that’s part of the appeal for me. He’s ready to go, fresh and and full of energy and a person I can bounce things off. He won’t be afraid to speak his mind and that is what you want.”
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