Pulis & Foster face HK press

TONY Pulis will be happy to complete Saturday’s competitive schedule, with the third-place off against Crystal Palace, showing a clean bill of health among his squad.

The Baggies Head Coach was delighted to see one of his new signings, Jay Rodriguez, launch his Albion career with a stunning goal against Leicester at the Premier League Asia Trophy on Wednesday night.

But even more important was the game time he is keen for Jay and his team mates to compile.

“Of course it was great for Jay to score a goal like that but even more important was the time on the pitch,” said Pulis.

“He has had his injuries in the past and it’s about getting Jay and all the players through the pre-season without any problems.”

Sat alongside him at the round of media duties ahead of the game, keeper Ben Foster confirmed that the Head Coach’s famous pre-season schedule was as demanding as ever – but bearing fruit.

“I’m feeling good, feeling strong. . .the club are very good to me and understand I need to manage my body in a certain way,” said Ben.

“They are very good at listening to me and looking after me.

“I’m sure our schedule has been different than other teams although to be fair, after the week we had in Austria, it couldn’t have got any better. A real tough week but everybody came through it

“This week has been about getting on the ball a bit more which we’ve managed  to do somehow.

“I don’t think anybody is going to be expecting us to rip up trees. All four teams will be focusing on getting a few more minutes in the legs and the main thing is to avoid injuries.”

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