"Kicks has been amazing to me"

MICHAEL Adenusi is a Street Football Team England player and part of the West Bromwich Albion under-18s shadow squad, something he insists wouldn’t be possible without having attended weekly Premier League Kicks sessions, run by The Albion Foundation.

"Kicks has helped me a lot. Not in a million years would I think that I would be going to St. George's Park to play football."

PL Kicks has a long history of using the power of football and the value of sports participation to help hard-to-reach youngsters in some of the most high-need areas.

"I've been here (at Kicks) every Friday for the past two years.

"I'm sure if I never came or hadn't been as persistent as I was then I wouldn't have got the chance to go to St. George's Park."

Michael moved to England from Nigeria eight years ago and believes his experiences in Africa stood him in good stead.

"Kicks has helped me, and so has hard work and where I came from.

"We don't have that much in Nigeria so if you're given a small opportunity you have to grasp it before somebody else takes it."

Despite initially being passionate about music and drama when he moved from West Africa, the Smethwick resident has now left school to pursue a career in football.

"I never thought Kicks would be my way into football, but it has been. This year has not finished but it has surpassed all my last years and it's all down to Kicks.

"I wouldn't be in the West Bromwich Albion shadow team if it wasn't for Kicks.

"I wouldn't have gone to St. George's Park if it wasn't for Kicks."

The nationwide scheme has enabled thousands of youngsters to find routes into education, training and employment.

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