The Foundation spreads festive cheer

THE Albion Foundation’s Disability Department is ensuring its participants have a merry Christmas after organising a festival for the children they work with.

The day was organised to give the children a chance to take part in a variety of activities with a festive twist, as well as giving the youngsters the opportunity to meet Santa Claus.

The day attracted plaudits from the teachers at the schools involved, who felt the day helped build the children's confidence.

"The kids are usually a bit quiet at school, but when it comes to a day like today they can be themselves without being judged," said Debbie Climpson, from Uplands Manor Primary School.

"If they are not the fastest or they can't slide on a board, it doesn't matter," said Debbie Climpson, from Uplands Manor Primary School.

"The teachers get involved and the kids love it and I find that they start communicating with each other and helping each other, which is fantastic for us."

The day offered the children an exciting chance to face new challenges in a different environment.

"The Albion Foundation has brought lots of happiness to the children," said Jonathan Keight, from Lindens Primary School.

"The big plus for them will be being out of school and being able to experience sporting activities which they wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

"This will help their confidence and develop them as a whole child, which is fantastic.

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