Brunt and Barry head down memory lane

CHRIS Brunt and Gareth Barry paid a visit to ‘Albion Memories’, an initiative for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s, to reminisce about their favourite footballing moments.

The duo fielded questions about their career highlights and the journeys they took to make it as professional footballers.

"People do ask what's the point in asking people about their memories when they suffer from Alzheimer's and dementia,' said John Homer, Albion Memories Facilitator.

"The point being that they tend to remember things from the past and the current becomes a bit of a blur.

"If you can strike the note and flick on the switch then it brings a lot of stuff back to them that they thought they had forgotten.

"I always like to say that we walk into their world and then they'll tell us all about it then."

Working in partnership with Edward Street Hospital, the sessions are a highlight of the week for many of the attendees.

"I can't thank them (The Albion Foundation) enough," said one patient.

"There's no way I can thank them enough for what they've done for me.

"They have, in a sense, kept me alive.

"West Bromwich Albion means a hell of a lot to me. It's given me a hell of a lot of life."

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