'Blind Dave' on 'incredible' birthday surprise

'BLIND Dave' Heeley had a 60th birthday to remember as a surprise party was held for the fundraising extraordinaire at The Hawthorns.

A night of celebrating with friends and family left Dave lost for words.

"Words absolutely fail me. It's unusual for words to fail me, but they have tonight.

"I wasn't aware of what was going on, but to have so many people turn up was lovely.

"I feel very, very proud that people have taken the time to come out and celebrate with me. 

An ambassador of The Albion Foundation, Dave was gratetful for the effort put in by the charity to organise the celebration.

"The Foundation, supporting as they have, is just incredible.

"It's just a no-brainer why I support The Albion Foundation."

Rob Lake, The Albion Foundation Director, revealed the reasons behind holding the event for Dave.

"We just want to thank him and let him know how much we value him. 

"He's part of the wider West Bromwich Albion and The Albion Foundation family, we want to honour one of our own."

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